Which are the best tracking apps for any android cell phones??      

Today, there are lots of free android cell phone tracking applications available online to download from social websites or from file sharing applications like play store google chrome and app store etc… people always curious to know about which is the best application of latest updated version. This article will help you to know about the application which are best for their work to tracking the mobile phones. There are some valuable top ranking tracking app that are used globally due to their best option for tracking mobile phones.

There have been extensive customer reviews concerning this spyware. These applications are provided globally by extraordinary developers. A critical analysis of the software which are available that have huge spying tools implemented and gain higher ratings by customers or developers. This is depend how much these application considered as most reliable, easy to use or asses for users.

Among all the users, it is the parents who use the android tracking applications to keep their kids safe and secure. Among all users, it is the business mans (owners) who need or want to track their employer activities.

These programs help you to know about the features and functions of them that distinguish among the variety of similar software’s. This article will help you to know about the best tracking apps for android phones which are paid or free with their numerous spying features.

These tracking application helps to users with its tracking and spying, which is primary function of any mobile tracker software. Often it is considered as best or vital to recover the location of a stolen or lost device without any signals. Modern developers or entrepreneur in the field of technology embrace new technology based software’s daily for the convenience of users. Young children can access the massive variety of software’s and applications that are provided by websites and different developers or manufacturers. This fact arise a need for parents to check the child’s activities and usage of different devices.

Here are some top tracking applications for android phones….

  • MSPY (best phone tracker)

It has attractive or handy features for the users which make it popular for its use globally. It is a perfect cell phone spy without access to target any specific phone. Over the years, globally it is used due to its functioning. It is a paid software and its cost $16.66 per month. MPSY is a secret cell phone tracker that has best features:

  • Text messaging monitoring
  • Call monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Quick and effortless installations


  • FAMI safe android tracking

It is one of the most reliable tracking application. This app can keep the track to monitoring all the activities performed on the phones or devices completely. It also helps through his unique features for tracking a device.

  • Tracking location along with location history
  • It can help to block and install the apps that installed on the android devices
  • This help to filter all the websites and its contents



It provide most reliable features for spying and tracking for users. It is an effective and most reliable app which can track another’s phone easily. This software is also paid and its cost $149 per month. Basically this app used by business owner to check the activities of their employs.


It is the most popular and tracking android app for new users for the first time. It lets you know about the device that you want to monitor remotely. It can also monitor or track the location, call history and social media apps activities.


It is the application which provides a safe environment to kids or adults for safe and secure browsing. With its advanced features it establishes its fame due to its reliability for users. Its unique features are:

  • Often offers the filtering of websites
  • App blocker also provided
  • Limit the use of android phones remotely


  • Phone Sheriff

It is a secret cell tracker program has gained tremendously popular globally. Its unique feature also include the exact time of phone lost and current location of device on google map. Phone tracker app cost $49 per month.

  • SPY Bubble

SPY bubble tracking app usually recommended for parents to check the activities of their children and safe and secure them from any trouble. The SPY bubble app cost $49.95 per month and also fits for majority of people. It allows to parents to check the current location of their children through devices without calling them.


The app basically designed for the parents or business owners to check the activities of children and employs. This app will help you to keep an eye on the activities performed by individuals. It is the one of most reliable tracking app.




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