Which are cool and best 3G GPS trackers??

We spent many time driving around, hiking, getting lost and then we start finding again ourselves to figure out so, GPS trackers are best for this purpose to find anything anyone anytime. GPS trackers have great importance to track out or locate about your important things like your car, your children location and also help out to find the lost object like cell phones. Bluetooth tracking tags for finding something in your home become more common now a days, but GPS trackers are even better because they have virtually unlimited range as long as you have cell phone services or wireless connections (Wi-Fi). GPS trackers are also extremely accurate, easy to use and can affordable to everyone.

How does the GPS tracker work??

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device that is normally carried by a moving vehicle or anyone ales that use it. Global positioning system (GPS) are used to locate the device’s movement and to determine the location of anyone.

The global process of 2G GPS network trackers shutdown has been already started. According to a report at the end of 2016 the mobile operators from Canada and Australia, are going to turn off their 2nd generation based stations because of great worth of 3G GPS tracker. Now a day in the era of technology people always curious to find best network to stay update about anything. So, 3G+ networks have great speed, coverage and reliability to customers.

The main success or side of success of GPS network in business provide its wireless or amazing services. Countries like Canada, Unites States of America and Australia are leading countries that have 3G+ GPS networks. The operators still work about globally used trackers to make them more advanced or more valuable due its worth or work. Nevertheless there are still some benefit potentials: (Video streaming and Device firm upgrade).

3G GPS tracker’s cost:

3G GPS trackers are normally more expensive than 2G, but it is really depend on the quality of device and the cellular chip that being used in that device. It is also possible to design a low quality trackers with low quality components so, people and users need to be consider what they care or pay more about.

Some cool 3G GPS trackers that are used worldwide:


This GPS tracker is customer’s favorite because of its reliability and for accuracy. It is easy to use and it comes with 6 months of service. It is unique in its structure and design because it is easy to handle or carry. Its discovery range about 150 feet.

  1. AS3 tracker

3G asset GPS tracker needs professional installation. It monitors the exact location of cargos and vehicles also transfer telemetry data through it. It is waterproof device and even costly. It has 3 inputs and supported 1 wire interface.

  1. Angel Sense

This device is affordable and especially it is designed for parents who want to locate their children. It could be use unethically. Its battery will last almost after an entire day. This tracker require a subscription, but the app to use it on your own smartphones is free.

  1. GO safe G797

It is 3G cool GPS tracker. Simply plug and ready to go out device into the vehicle diagnostic port to get the onboard data (DTC errors, fuel image, mileage etc…)

  1. Spot Gen3

This tracker didn’t fare in our ranking because it cannot handle or suited with every situation. However it is very useful when there is no mobile phone service basically designed for your protection purpose. Its cost about $135.95. It is waterproof and easy to carry.

  1. XIRGO Xt4760G

It is 3G asset GPS device. It can be professionally installed on vehicle or put inside the vehicle as a detached device. It has a large battery capacity about 6600 MAH and even it is costly.

  1. Tile Mate

It is light in weight and durable. It is easy to affordable. Its cost is about $15.76. It is mainly a Bluetooth tracker which means its range is short but, it works accurately in that small place. Its require subscription and all you have to do is download the application to get started.







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Copyright @2019 | Official Person Tracker